Pentagon wants mobile phones to be able to monitor the health of soldiers

United States Army
US defense agency Pentagon announced its intention to create a smartphone app that can detect the health of soldiers.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has donated the US $ 5.1 million to Kryptowire's security systems company to develop Warfighter Analytics technology using smartphones for health.

The application is able to utilize all the sensors in the phone to detect and collect records of health monitoring results of soldiers who use it. So a doctor or nurse can provide early medical treatment or prevention of the health condition of the user.

Kryptowire party said that they will use all the features and sensors in the smartphone to analyze habits users interact with the device so that later can be processed and matched with medical science.

Unfortunately, this also gets criticism because it is considered to provide a gap for the privacy of its users. The Pentagon is likely to be able to steal other information from the application's access to the various sensors that exist in the smartphone.

This was revealed by policy analysts from American Civil Liberties Union Jay Stanley. "Everyone certainly will not want to feel monitored privacy life, therefore need strict rules and control to limit the technology," he said.
The project has finally re-ignited a debate over data protection and privacy in the United States that is now popular about Facebook.

Kryptowire itself as a cybersecurity company confirmed that their main task is to secure the data obtained and in the processing will be assisted by medical institutions.