Russia will block Telegram if it does not provide user data access

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The chaos between the Russian government and Telegram has a long problem. Previously, Russia had requested this encrypted instant messaging application to provide data access users.

Thus, Telegram must submit the encryption key to its home country, so that all user activities can be controlled by the government.

However, the effort to bring results is nothing. Telegram is even indifferent to the government. Telegram had previously appealed to the Russian Supreme Court. Russian Supreme Court Justice Nazarova dismissed the appeal as judging that having an encryption key from a company does not violate privacy.

Because Telegram is still adamant about not providing user data, the Federal Security Service (FSB), finally cast a demand to block the application made by Pavel Durov.

The charges were filed on Friday morning on the grounds that Telegram did not comply with FSB requests.

Until now, Telegram has not responded to the suit. So was CEO Pavel Durov. In March, he asserted that Telegram will never give any data access to users. "The company will continue to uphold the freedom and privacy of users," he said at the time.