Samsung and Google are the two companies that participate in bidding for Nokia Health

Nokia Health
When Nokia acquired Withings, a French company known to the public thanks to health-related connected devices such as smart sleep systems, activity trackers, and blood pressure controllers, Nokia promised the start of an exciting new chapter in Nokia Technologies' history.

Two years later, the Finnish company is looking for a buyer for a division that has now changed its name to Nokia Health. The French newspaper LeMonde reports that companies are now competing for the health business.

A number of such companies include Google, Samsung, as well as companies based in France and in other European regions. Nokia Technologies purchased Withings in 2016, with a transaction value of US $ 192 million, but there is still no information regarding the proposed price offer for Nokia Health.

Google and Samsung became one of the bidders, LeMonde believes that one of the French companies will occupy a major position, due to the importance of technology sector Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the region.

Meanwhile last year, Nokia announced on its quarterly financial report, Withings assets worth about EUR140 million or the US $ 172 million.

This underlies the prediction that Nokia will offer Nokia Health at a lower price than it paid for two years ago.

Meanwhile, the information circulated that HMD plans to bring a new version of Nokia 2010. This phone will not be announced until 2019 to mark the 25th anniversary of the model, which was first launched in 1994.