Samsung Flip wants easy collaboration in meetings

Samsung Flip
Samsung has just launched Samsung Flip, a digital flipchart that combines digital and analog boards with the aim of allowing employees in the company to collaborate during meetings.

"Workers now need a reliable and flexible technology.We hope the technology in this product can make business work better, smarter and faster," said Albert Susilo, Head of Consumer Electronics Display Group of Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Technological developments not only change people's lifestyles but also the way they do business. According to a survey from Monster Worldwide, inc. about 57 percent of the generation Z-generation after millenials who are now also beginning to enter the workplace feel that technology can make them more productive.

While 34 percent consider differences in views as a positive thing because it can actually encourage collaboration.

Samsung Flip can be used simultaneously up to four people. They can add notes or give their ideas using a finger or dual-sided pen. While to delete the posts, users can move the palm of the hand quickly.

Users can also specify the size and color of text that will appear on the screen with UHD resolution. In Flip, users can access up to 20 pages. To make it easier to find specific content, Samsung equips it with a search feature. Flip orientation can be set to horizontal or vertical, as needed.

After the meeting is complete, Flip will store all content in the database. It also features a security system with a password to ensure only certain people can access the content. After logging in, participants can download content via email or print content.

Samsung completes the fold with wireless connectivity, USB, PC, also mobile connection. With the screen-sharing feature, content can be displayed on PC, smartphone, and tablet. Samsung also allows users to store Flip content using USB or other external connections.