Snapchat released games that can be played using Lenses

Snapchat logo
Snap wants its users to play games on Snapchat with their friends. The company has just launched Snappables, Lenses that allow users to play games utilizing touch, gestures and facial expressions.

This game seems similar to a Cuphead lens that allows you to see friends as enemies that you have to beat. Through Snappables, there are many users can do, ranging from inviting friends to play music together, challenging them in emoji dance or playing basketball.

In the video at the end of the article looks how a user plays a similar game Space Invaders while one other user lifts weights using their eyebrows. Snap says, new games will be released every week, while favorites will survive.

Lenses tech Augmented Reality Snapchat launched at the beginning of this month is indeed interesting. However, Lenses do not seem to be widely used. According to Engadget, by providing various games that can be played through Lenses, this can encourage users to more often use these features.

Not only that, through these games, Snap looks trying to make his platform look different from other social media. So far, Instagram, Snapchat's biggest competitor, has yet to introduce AR games or filters like Snapchat.

New games from this Snap does look quite fun to fill the spare time. However, chances are, this game will not bring in new users, as it is more suitable for people who have become users in Snapchat. 


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