Snapchat released new lenses utilizing facial tracking capabilities for iPhone X users

Snapchat iPhone X lenses
After announcing a highly realistic lens, designed for the iPhone X and a front-facing camera that carries high-accuracy facial tracking capabilities, Snapchat now officially released the feature.

Snapchat takes several months to prepare for the feature, and it supports the ability to trace faces in more detail and more naturally.

The new masks Snapchat presents on the lens include the Mardi Gras mask, Day of the Dead face painting with matching headdresses, and masquerade eye mask.

Traditional Snapchat lenses use 2D front camera information to recognize key facial features, such as eyebrows and mouth. While new and more realistic lenses utilize data from the TrueDepth iPhone X camera to bring a good mask look.

The depth information allows the mask to follow the subject's face line more precisely. Apple explained that TrueDepth cameras emit infrared light and map 30,000 points on the user's face to get more details.

This capability allows the mask to track faces and any small movements that occur on the face. This mask will also react with the lighting around, with shadows and highlights that follow the face and surrounding lines. 

Meanwhile, for the privacy aspect, Apple mentions that third-party developers like Snapchat only to access visual face mapping data and not the mathematical model used for the Face ID unlock feature.

However, having complete visual data is rated as great information, and Apple has called forbidding the use of this data as a foundation linked to targeted advertising.