Some Android phones are lying about a security update

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There is an important reason behind the process of updating the system or application your smartphone receives, so that all its functions run smoothly, the security system is also kept up to date.

Unfortunately, some brands of Android smartphones apparently stubborn enough not to release an update or update the security system that has been released by Google.

This opinion is based on findings by Security Systems Labs (SRL) system firm that checks 1,200 smartphone firmware with different brands, ranging from Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, and TCL (Alcatel OneTouch).

Researchers SRL Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell are trying to find out whether any OEM or smartphone vendor actually implements a security update or patch released by Google for Android smartphones. In fact, a lot of smartphones missed a few patches.

Some smartphone brands claim and provide information to their users that their security updates are the most recent. In fact, there are some patches that they pass, not even update at all.

For smartphones that most missed the security patch according to the findings of ZTE and TCL brand SRL became the most, even more than four patches. SRL also did research on the processor used, and it was found that MediaTek was the most widely missed security patch.

Party SRL has not known the reason of this condition, whether the brand is intentionally or do not know that there is a security patch that is periodically released by Google and must be submitted to its users.

When the SRL team conveyed this, Google as the makers of the Android operating system clearly stated that these brands violate the security standard policies that have been applied to Google.

Nevertheless, the SRL stated that this seems ordinary and has happened for long. Users of cheap smartphones are usually always the ones who get rid of or get less attention in the smartphone ecosystem.