Spotify is rumored to be announcing its smart speakers this month

Spotify logo
Spotify has been developing smart speaker devices since two months ago. Meanwhile last month, an outstanding video featuring Spotify tested the search feature via voice commands by his company.

The information from this video indicates that Spotify created its digital assistant for the smart speakers, and instead uses help from Alexa or Google Assistant.

Speaker Spotify will be present as a competitor of Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod and others.

Spotify has also sent invitations for the event to be held on April 24 in New York. In the event, Spotify not only announced the smart speakers, also rumored to be introducing in-car speakers.

The purpose of these two products is called to drive Spotify income higher. This smart speaker will broadcast music and guide users to Spotify premium services offered for US $ 9.99 per month.

Speakers in Spotify cars are rumored to be marketed for a subscription fee of US $ 12.99 per month, including with streaming equipment and services. However, these so-called speakers require users to subscribe for a year.

Spotify has recently become a public company, meaning to attract the attention of investors, this company must display revenue growth. Adding hardware products to encourage new customer growth is considered to be a good strategy.