Survey claims that 9% of Facebook users in the US have deleted their accounts

Facebook has faced various scandals in recent years. However, the controversy and anger arising from the Cambridge Analytica scandal is the biggest challenge facing Facebook.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg even had to come to Washington D.C to deliver his testimony in front of regulators on data privacy and other issues.

Meanwhile, since the Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light a few weeks ago, there was a movement that prompted users to delete their Facebook accounts.

Until now, you may have seen DeleteFacebook tags on some other social media platforms. However, the tag is also on Facebook itself.

Last week, Zuckerberg said that there was no significant drop in users. However, a new survey from Creative Strategies claims that 9 percent of Americans may have deleted their accounts.

"Privacy is important to our panelists," wrote the Creative Strategies report, as reported by TechPinions. "Thirty-six percent say they care about privacy and 41 percent say they care enough.

"Their behavior on Facebook changed because of their concern for privacy.7 Seventeen percent removed Facebook applications from their phones, 11 percent removed them from other devices and 9 percent deleted their Facebook accounts completely.

"These guys probably will not make Facebook worry, but there are other steps that users take that can directly affect Facebook's business model."

In the United States, Facebook's total users reached 214 million people. Although it sounds small, 9 percent of total US users reach 19.2 million people. The tens of millions of people have deleted their accounts in just the past few weeks.

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