The internet signal is weak? Use this method to strengthen your phone signal

Mobile Signal

The weak Internet signal is very annoying, especially when used for work. However, there are some tricks you can do to provide help for your Internet signals. Here are tips and tricks:

1. Go to Open Space

This is the simplest and simplest way to strengthen our mobile Internet signals. The signal is weak probably because our place or room at that time was not able to catch the signal of the shipment. The easy way is to go outdoors.

2. Set Network

Weak or missing signals may be due to improper network settings, APN not listed, or network type not fit. Setting up a network on an Android-based smartphone is very easy. How: Settings -> SIM Cards and Mobile Networks -> (select your telecommunication provider name).

3. Customize the Network

Some smartphones may be very sensitive to signals and should match the network type available in the region you are in. Adjust the availability of the communication network (3G or 4G) where you are. Do not let the available 3G, you instead use a 4G network. It will certainly slow down the connection.

4. For Wifi

One of the causes of the ugly signal is also due to the wi-fi router. One solution is to turn off-restart (restart) the router.  

5. Airplane Mode

This way you can say "to rest" your signal. Activate Airplane Mode and wait about 5 seconds, then switch back to normal mode. Usually, this way is very powerful to raise your cell phone signal.