The US Department of Law is investigating Huawei for allegedly violating the US embargo against Iran

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The same thing has once done the US against ZTE, which later proved to violate the embargo. ZTE was later punished with a ban on receiving export products from the US and fined the US $ 1.19 billion.

Previously, the US has also warned its citizens not to buy devices made by Huawei because it allegedly can be used to spy on consumers and companies in the US. Then, an electronics retailer in the US Best Buy, calling will stop the sale of mobile phones made by Huawei.

If Huawei proved to violate the embargo against Iran, it is quite possible that the world's third-largest mobile phone maker would have the same fate as ZTE. For information, ZTE is now prohibited from using Qualcomm's made chips and uses the Android OS.

Huawei has also often defended itself, one of them when calling them not a threat to national security because it uses the same component suppliers with other Android manufacturers, except Kirin own homemade chip, and also EMUI, which is a modified Android used on Huawei phones.

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