There will be an important change at Spotify next week

CEO Spotify Daniel Ek
In an effort to compete with Apple Music and other key players in the music streaming industry Spotify plans to make major changes to the free version of its services. This is not the only aspect that Spotify plans to fix to start this month.

Invitations to the Spotify event given to the media confirming major changes will also be present in the mobile app. Spotify's key officials will attend the event, including Chief R & D Officer Gustav Soderstrom, VP Product Product Development Babar Zafar, and Global Head of Creator Services Troy Carter.

Not yet available information related to the exact date of the event, although rumors circulated that the event will be held on April 24th. In addition to improvements to free streaming services and mobile apps, Spotify is also rumored to be announcing smart speakers at the event.

In the past week, information related to Spotify's decision to upgrade the free version of its streaming service is also circulating on the internet. This is called Spotify's commitment to users who prefer to enjoy the free version.

Meanwhile, amid competition in the music streaming industry that is racing to offer paid service versions as one source of revenue, Spotify said it still wants to provide free services. This is because the service is a potential opportunity to encourage free service users to switch to paid services.