Twitter bans Kaspersky Labs advertise on his services

Kaspersky Lab logo
Twitter bans antivirus and cybersecurity providers from Moscow, Kaspersky Labs put an ad on its service on the basis of allegations that Kaspersky has links with Russian intelligence.

"This decision is based on our determination that Kaspersky Labs operates with business models that conflict with Twitter advertising rules," a Twitter spokeswoman told Gizmodo.

"Kaspersky Lab can still be a user on our social media, according to Twitter rules."

In a letter addressed to CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Eugene Kaspersky admitted confused over this decision.

"One thing I know for sure is we never violated written or unwritten rules and our business model is the same as the business model used across the cybersecurity industry: We provide products and services to users, and they pay us."

"You will only hurt yourself when you follow geopolitical issues and refuse to promote content on the basis of false pretenses contrary to your own business needs (how do we mention that you are rejecting money from clients doing business according to ethics)?"

In an email to Gizmodo, Twitter quoted a memo from the Department of Homeland Security on Kaspersky Lab, which said the US government was worried about a connection between "some Kaspersky executives with intelligence agencies and other Russian government agencies".

In addition, Twitter also follows Russian regulations allowing Russian intelligence agencies to "force Kaspersky to provide assistance to tap into communications across Russia's networks." Eugene Kaspersky insists that the product of his company is a tool to tap communications and data in the US.