US military wants to launch a rocket in a few days not years

Sending rockets into space takes several months or even years to prepare the mission. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) believes it can be shortened to a few days.

The US military research body recently started the Launch Challenge, which challenged rocket sending companies to reduce the time it took to ship rockets into space within a few days, not years.

Companies should be able to create systems that can launch rockets into low Earth orbit from different places with just a few days' time, without notice of the mission for a long time.

The company will know where the launch is done within "a few weeks" before launch and they will know about the loads transported in just a few days before the rocket is flown.

This competition will be held at the end of 2019. To get interested companies, DARPA prepares not fewer prizes.

For the first position, DARPA prepares the US $ 10 million, US $ 9 million for the second position and the US $ 8 million for the third position. And all the teams that can send a rocket will get the US $ 2 million.

In this competition, speed is not the only assessment. The judges will also assess the level of accuracy, the load carried and also the rocket masses themselves.

If the company can indeed cut the duration of rocket shipments, it will indeed help the military to send communications satellites and spies. However, this challenge can also help launch different types of satellites in the future.