WhatsApp develops special Windows 10 Mobile business applications

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WhatsApp is developing new business applications for Windows 10 Mobile. Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced the new WhatsApp Business app for Android, enabling large and small companies to leverage their user base of apps.

In addition, the presence of WhatsApp Business applications is also to simplify the communication process between the company and its customers. But since launch, this messaging service has failed to introduce apps on other platforms, though they will soon change.

Based on the outstanding screenshot images, WhatsApp is deepening the process of developing the Windows 10 Mobile variant of the business application, with the support of a number of unique applications. A number of such features are the presence of the badge, and the ability to embed detailed information on the profile.

A number of detailed information including email address and business category. In addition to similar Android variants, short descriptions can also be added along with location and site links. This application version will also support space for office numbers as well as business messaging automation and business operational features.

On the design side, like the regular WhatsApp version of Windows Mobile 10, this business version also comes with a dark-colored user interface. About the cost, the platform messages that Facebook has stated that the application is still offered free for small businesses.

For large businesses, companies can pay a fee to receive additional features to help handle a larger customer base. WhatsApp has not given any official comment regarding the next Windows 10 Mobile app, but is expected to release soon. For iOS users, there is no time-related availability of this WhatsApp business app.