Xiaomi has not stopped making Android One phone

Xiaomi logo
After releasing one Android phone One Mi A1, Xiaomi apparently plans to produce more phones running Android OS plain.

This is confirmed CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun, who calls Xiaomi will launch more Android One phones in the future, including from the line of popular Redmi phones.

As an Android One device, of course, these phones will run a plain Android operating system without customization, not the mainstay of Xiaomi MIUI.

Unfortunately, not much other information revealed by Jun, such as the phone will go into which class, or when the phone will be launched. But given Xiaomi is usually fast in launching new phones, it's possible that the new Android One Xiaomi will be released in the coming months.

Android One is actually a cheap Android platform created by Google. But in its development, this platform can be used by mobile phone manufacturers who want to make phones with plain Android OS like Nexus and Pixel. Then Google also released Android Go, which is devoted to devices that have low specifications.