Xiaomi Mi 7 will come with Fingerprint on screen

Fingerprint Sensor
Bezel-Less screen is becoming a trend in the smartphone industry in 2017. It seems this year, the fingerprint on the screen will be a trend.

For the fingerprint feature on the screen, Vivo can be regarded as the leader. Vivo was one of the first companies to demonstrate that fingerprint sensors could be placed on the screen.

Xiaomi also mentioned will bring this technology on the latest smartphone. With the start of Chinese manufacturing adopting this technology, it seemed only a matter of time before Xiaomi released a device with a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

On-screen fingerprint technology will be applied Xiaomi on its flagship smartphone, Xiaomi Mi 7. CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun confirmed this through comments on his Weibo social network. Lei said, Xiaomi Mi 7 will present a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

The lightweight statements are also supported by some evidence to further increase the likelihood that the Mi 7 is actually supported by the fingerprint scanner on the screen.