You should know that, megapixel is not a determinant of camera phone quality

Sony Xperia M5
The development of smartphones is now more massive. Vendor smartphones competing for momentum to release its newest product even though being first is not always the best, performance is key.

Performance is very important for a smartphone. Of course, the desired performance of each smartphone users must be different, tailored to their needs.

Interestingly, the performance of the camera is also an important point that affects the consideration of someone buying a smartphone. Why? The popularity of social media is very difficult to be released into the camera on the smartphone way for its users to attend in one of the most crowded places in the digital world ie social media.

Most of you and other smartphone users suspect that the camera or photo quality is determined by the size of the resolution determined by the megapixel unit, but it is not.

Megapixel is just the size of a photo resolution of a larger megapixel photo then the resolution of the larger image to produce a good picture but when viewed in more detail you must have found that a camera with a smaller megapixel size can produce photos that are much better than the camera with a larger megapixel. 

Sensors, other elements in a camera not just in smartphones. The larger the sensor size, the better a camera to capture the intensity of light and contrast of color. The quality of the lens is also important, the protection of the lens will guarantee the age of the camera's performance.

Then the most important thing is the processor as the driving brain of all components and technology in the smartphone. Behind the sophisticated camera, there is a processor that helps process and optimize the smartphone camera, a processor capable of performing better.

So, there are many factors that could affect the quality of camera photos of smartphones. Not enough taste when the camera is only racing in the large size of megapixels is presented.
Processors are also included as a major supporter of smartphone performance including the camera becomes more sophisticated. Higher-level processors are guaranteed to perform better.