YouTube is accused of recording user data under the age of 13 without the parent's consent

YouTube Kids
Utilization of user data scattered on the internet looks increasingly unavoidable and becomes an opportunity for digital service providers. Now YouTube is rumored to be exposed to user data problems like Facebook.

While not experiencing data leakage like Facebook, communities in the United States filed lawsuits against YouTube, as they secretly collected user data from children's age users.

No less, there are 20 consumer protection communities stating that YouTube secretly collects sensitive data related to children under 13 and uses it for sale to advertising agencies.

However, YouTube actually explains the rules that the service is for ages 13 and over, and under that age we recommend using the YouTube Kids service. However, prosecutors still think that YouTube is aware of their users who are under 13 years old.

Prosecutors assert that YouTube infringes the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, namely the legislation that data collection activities related to users under the age of 13 should be subject to parental consent and supervision.

It was reported that YouTube has given a statement about their investigation on this issue but again they continue to affirm that the YouTube service is not for children under 13.

It is not clear what the allegations of the community are. In fact, it's only natural that Google's algorithm analyzes its users and passes ads that match its user segment.

However, the claimant apparently disapproved of this and assumed YouTube had recorded sensitive information from users under the age of 13.