2018 First Quarter: Facebook claims to have eliminated 1.9 million terrorist content

Facebook logo
The social media giant has claimed, the amount of terrorism content increased 73 percent from 2017 which previously only reached 1.1 million content.
The findings are assisted by technology Machine Learning Facebook to be able to filter terrorist and radical content on the platform.

Facebook can even find 99.5 percent of content related to terrorism before it is finally reported by users.
Not only the content of terrorism, social media led by Mark Zuckerberg is also reported other problematic content, such as graphic violence content, where Facebook has managed to eradicate 3.4 million content that appears along with the worsening situation in Syria.
Facebook's latest report is part of the Community Standard Enforcement Report that records Facebook's efforts in moderating content in the period October 2017-March 2018.

Facebook plans will also release the report twice a year. The purpose of the release of the report is so that users can find out how the efforts and challenges facing Facebook in dealing with terrorism content and other disturbing content.


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