A fake news report mentioned ASUS AREZ was canceled

As a result of the NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program, some vendors had announced a special VGA using AMD GPUs, such as ASUS that created AREZ for AMD and ROG for NVIDIA.

NVIDIA finally stopped the program, so the steps that have been done by some of these VGA manufacturers to be in vain.

Had circulated the news that ASUS to stop the launch of ASUS AREZ project. The news was reported by some media coming from an ASUS AREZ Twitter account that could make a tweet saying that ASUS AREZ is towards the end of its history, and ASUS ROG will still exist.

Asus Arez fake account
Lots of media that seems to make corrections that the news that has been quoted by the external media is false. The news from Forbes, which further stated that the news is false news.

Forbes said that the Twitter account on behalf of ASUS AREZ has a very small number of followers for a brand. In addition, the lettering style of the AREZ script used in the Twitter account profile photo is different from the original style that ASUS has released through its official website.

The fake Twitter account turned out to use ASUS AREZ style which is a replica made by WCCFTech when the brand is still a rumor. Twitter account is now fake the status has been withdrawn by the Twitter.

So far the ASUS also has not given a certainty when VGA AREZ officially launched in the market even though all the units have been exhibited in the ASUS official site catalog.


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