Alexa devices steal and distribute user conversations

Amazon Echo
The smart home is becoming the latest trend among those who are enthusiastic about technological developments.

It is not new information anyway when technological developments are always accompanied by the emergence of new problems. This happens again in the case of Alexa's smart assistant, part of Amazon's smart home device.

Conversations partner in the state of Oregon, United States (US), accidentally recorded by Alexa device and spread to other parties.

One of the colleagues of the couple immediately called and told to unplug the Alexa connection because the device was allegedly attacked by hackers.

Amazon calls the incident not a hacker attack but happens when the Echo (Alexa speakers) hears a word similar to a device's keyword, so the automatic conversation is recorded.

An unconscious couple is being kept on the record, and accidentally mentions the name Echo captured as the recipient of the recording and the conversation was sent unbeknownst to them.

"Although the sequence of events is highly unlikely, we are evaluating options for similar cases to be reduced," Amazon said in response.

This case occurred after more than 40 million people using smart home devices made by Amazon. Devices such as Alexa was being developed by Amazon in order to compete with other devices made Alphabet and Apple.


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