Alibaba introduces artificial intelligence technology for restaurants

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Alibaba introduces artificial intelligence technology speech interaction for smart rural systems in cafes and restaurants. "This solution is supported by the ability to understand spoken language that can be used in various scenarios, for example in the service," said Head of Intelligent Speech Interaction of Alibaba Machine Intelligence Technologies, Zhijie Yan.

In addition to service, this technology will be able to understand voice commands for home devices and smart cars. Can even answer questions in shopping center or airport in the form of audio.

With the smart messaging engine as a project example, Yan believes that this solution can improve the consumer experience and help entrepreneurs manage the business more efficiently.

"With this technology, customers can order coffee according to taste just by talking to a smart texting machine," Yan added. "The machine will process customer orders and display their orders on the screen within seconds.

In addition, customers can also change their order as much as they want. And the machine will accept all changes and then update their order. Smart messaging machines are expected to be operating in the market within the next few months.

"This solution will be available at Alibaba Cloud to help small and medium businesses while available only to Chinese speakers," Yan said.


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