Apple explained why they rejected Steam Link

Steam Link
Steam link launch does not occur for iOS devices with business conflicts and other violations of the usage requirements of the app store from Cupertino.

So you know, Steam Link is an application that allows players to stream their PC games on their phones or tablets, can play there in an acceptable way, something that Android users already enjoy.

Now Apple has issued a statement explaining why they declined Steam Link's inclusion in their app store.

Noted that the review team has detected that the app violates some terms of use related to user-generated content and in-app purchases, "said Phil Schiller, head of advertising at Apple.

They emphasize that they are currently in talks with Valve to continue working together to make this app available in the app store as soon as possible, but always obey the rules of the store.

"There are clear rules that all developers should respect to ensure that the App Store is safe for everyone and everyone has the same opportunities," the executive said.

One of the main issues to be addressed is that this app allows users to access app stores other than Cupertino, something that goes against the rules of the App Store.

However, with this new statement, many people hope to use Steam Link on iPhone, even though you may have to wait several weeks.


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