Apple has rejected the Steam Link app on their device

After earlier this month Valve reported that the Steam link app came to Android and iOS devices, allowing mobile users to access your library games from a tablet or smartphone. Some players are also waiting for the release of Beta version to start with the experience.

Moments ago, Valve sent a statement in which he reported that the Steam Link app was rejected by Apple due to commercial revision and conflict issues.

According to company information, the current status of the relationship is unclear, as the application is approved and, therefore, it is decided to officially announce the arrival of the application to the company's device. But the company's position from Cupertino, California changed and Steam Link was denied.

Here's the full statement:

On Monday, May 7th, Apple approved the Steam Link app for release. On Weds, May 9th, Valve released news of the app. The following morning, Apple revoked its approval citing business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realized by the original review team. 

Valve appealed, explaining the Steam Link app simply functions as a LAN-based remote desktop similar to numerous remote desktop applications already available on the App Store. Ultimately, that appeal was denied leaving the Steam Link app for iOS blocked from release. The team here spent many hours on this project and the approval process, so we're clearly disappointed. But we hope Apple will reconsider in the future.

So, so far the fact is that the Steam Link app will not reach iOS devices in good time, and awaits Apple's official response and its position on this issue.


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