Apple is again accused of stealing double camera patents

iPhone Dual Camera
Having previously experienced interesting tugs about technology patents with Samsung, Apple now re-accept patent-related patent theft claims in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The lawsuit comes from Israeli companies that make double camera technology as the selling point of the company's production. The lawsuit filed yesterday seems to be the second lawsuit filed by Corephotonics for the same.

Corephotonics mentioned that they had filed a lawsuit in November against a double camera that introduced the iPhone 7 Plus last year. This second lawsuit only adds iPhone 8 and iPhone X to the list.

The iPhone X, released in November to the market, was first introduced in September, while the double camera patent filed by Corephotonics to the US Patent and Trademark Act was only adopted in January this year.

Seeing these conditions in fact Apple did not infringe patents or copyrights have Corephotonics. Ironically, the plaintiff company also received financial support from Foxconn who is a supplier and assembler of iPhone components.

Not yet known Apple's response to the lawsuit filed yesterday. However, this case adds to the long list of patent seized between Apple and its various competitor companies. This makes Apple seem to have a lot of things desired by its competitors. 


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