Apple Siri is rumored to be receiving new voice support at the upcoming WWDC 2018 event

WWDC 2018
Latest rumors claim that Apple Siri will get new voice support in the upcoming WWDC developer meeting. This new rumor comes directly from Apple's digital assistant.

When asked about his anticipation of WWDC, Siri gave an interesting answer indicating he will receive new voice support.

This is expected to be Apple's step following Google's lead in bringing more sound choices to its smart assistant.

Currently, Siri comes with a choice of voice and user-accessible access, from American, Australian or English access, and is available in both male and female voices.

As a reminder, Google Assistant is supported by six new voices, including popular singer and songwriter John Legend.

Another clue that Siri may reveal when questioned regarding the WWDC 2018 is his chances of getting a "shining new home". Siri calls his new home a less shiny object and has a net.
Siri HomePod
Siri's new home-related instructions are thought to be the more affordable Apple speakers. This is in line with previous rumors, calling Apple is preparing intelligent speakers with more affordable price, with Beats brand.

Siri's new sound and home are expected to be two improvements that Apple will introduce at the upcoming WWDC event.

This is considered to be Apple's efforts in the pursuit of backwardness when compared with assistant smart work of competitors namely Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 


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