17 best Android browsers for smartphones and tablets with good speed in 2018

Best Browser for Android
Although Chrome is the default browser for most Android smartphones, it says that you can not choose an alternative browser, which is a different app for surfing the Internet.

Searching in store You can, in fact, find browsers that are lighter and faster or arranged differently or with additional features that are not in Chrome.

Here we will review the best, fastest and most powerful free Android browser that can be installed on phones and tablets to surf the internet.

1. Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome is the main browser of all Android devices, almost always installed on the phone.

The main advantages of using Chrome are the ability to store synced data like favorites, history, and sign in between Chrome for PC and Chrome for Android in your Google account.

To do so, just sign in with the same account on Chrome PC and Android phone and enable Chrome sync.

This way, you can work indifferently on your PC and tablet or smartphone, with the same saved data.

The weakness of Chrome is, perhaps, the facts owned by Google, which makes no secret of the use of its products to collect usage data.

2. Firefox for Android


Firefox for Android is the first alternative to Chrome and, like on a PC, it's always worth installing it.

Firefox is definitely the first choice for those who use Firefox even on computers as the default browser, as they can sync the data in the Firefox account.

In Firefox for Android, there are actually many useful features, including support for Firefox extensions on Android.

3. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Mozilla also provides Firefox Focus browser for Android that serves to surf the Internet in private and without leaving a trace.

4. Opera

Opera provides as many as 3 different browsers for Android. Opera Browser and Opera Mini are two different Opera versions for Android.

The Opera browser is an alternative to Chrome, while Opera Mini is a dedicated browser, which condenses web pages and lets you download less data, saving up to the maximum bandwidth.

5. Opera Touch

Opera Touch

Recently the Opera Touch browser was released, much more modern than the other two, which makes connecting between PC and smartphone fast and easy, through a synchronization function called Flow, which can be used without an account.

In addition, Opera Touch has been optimized and is one of the most original Android smartphone browsers.

6. Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser to open the Flash site on Android is also one of the lightest browsers, with incredible speeds comparable to Chrome.

7. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is the official smartphone browser of Samsung Galaxy, which is also available for other Android 5.0 smartphones.

The Samsung browser is very similar to Chrome, synchronized with Chrome on PC by installing the Samsung Internet extension and is really among the lightest and fastest ever.

The mobile browser supports multiple extensions, lets you print web pages, save them for later reading, request sites in desktop mode and all normal options.

8. Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge mobile version of the same browser for Microsoft Windows 10. Its main advantage is to enable you to use the functionality to send the website from your phone to the PC with a button.

9. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is similar to Firefox Focus, optimized to leave no trace on the sites you visit and with the DuckDuckGo search engine, one that respects Google's privacy simultaneously.

10. Next Browser

Next  Browser

Next Browser is a new browser with exceptional quality, easy to use and fast.

It supports extensions, has all the options available in the settings menu, supports voice search and integrates the download manager to save downloaded files.

Your favorite sites are synced through your Google account. You can also disable images to speed up navigation, and you can control with movement.

11. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is an Android version of the cloud-based Chinese browser.

Of course, among the fastest to load, with a beautiful start page and many features like sync from PC to phone, private browsing, full screen, extensions, sharing options, extreme customization with themes, download manager.

12. UC Browser

UC Browser

UC Browser is a great browser that is essential to surfing the Internet in an optimized way even on phones with small screens.

Slightly like Opera Mini, UCBrowser compresses websites by saving bandwidth in the data connection.

However it also makes things more, in fact, all sites that do not have a mobile version and are difficult to navigate on the small screen of the phone, are optimized and every web page is modified so that it can be read and displayed with all the elements arranged, neatly, vertically.

13. Smooz Browser

Smooz Browser

Smooz Browser is the latest browser for Android that is optimized for use with one hand, thanks to the ability to browse and change web pages just crawling the thumbs on the screen.

Smooz uses smart moves for the most common tasks: tap and holds a link to open it in a new tab, switch to switch between tabs, and other easy-to-learn gestures and very intuitive.

14. Apus Browser

Apus Browser

Apus Browser is a simple minimalist browser that also supports Flash Player, user agent changes, and full screen.

Apus Browser is a very lightweight application, with an interface material design that takes up less memory, is ideal for weaker and less powerful smartphones.

15. CM Browser

CM Browser

CM Browser is one of the fastest browsers for popular Android phones with its advantages that is light and fast.

16. Via Browser

Via Browser

A fast and concise browser that provides a certain freshness and modernity in surfing the internet.

This browser has many features such as safe browsing, personalization, data storage, offline web pages reading, incognito mode, favorite sync, extensions, desktop version view, translators and more.

17. Armor Browser

A browser optimized for downloading anything from the Internet and with powerful security features.

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