CEO of Sony says that the PlayStation 4 era is entering the end

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 era enters the final stage. Speaking before investors, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Tsuyoshi "John" Kodera explained the company's plans in the next three years.

It seems that the PlayStation 4 console sales will no longer be the primary revenue source for the company in the future. The reason is that the number of sales decreased, said Kodera, in accordance with the long life cycle of a console.

This implies that Sony is developing a new console that is likely to be called the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, Kodera does not provide specific information regarding the PS4's successor console.

According to Engadget's report, Kodera said that the company plans to "duck" until March 2021. It's likely, by 2021, that Sony will offer a new console.

Another possibility, "ducking" that Kodera means refers to the decline in Sony's profits as their console sales decline. During that period, Sony must seek revenue from other sources.

Apparently, Sony can rely on their online service, which is quite well received. PlayStation Plus grew 60 percent within two years, until April 2018.

Sony also plans to create revenue from the service by adding new games and create an exclusive game franchise to encourage PlayStation Plus customers to grow.

Kodera tried to convince investors that there is no problem with Sony's performance. Two divisions that have performed below expectations are PlayStation VR and Vue.

Kodera did not explain the PlayStation plan to address the issue and only mentioned "improving the level of user activity".

However, Kodera does not look panicked, stating that Sony will make the target more realistic user growth forward.


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