China has blocked the popular meme site of Baozou

Meme Baozou
China bans Baozou, a popular meme site for ridiculing their heroes. Since the enactment of the Heroes and Martyr Protection Act by the Chinese National People's Congress on May 1, it is currently illegal for the Chinese people to make communist heroes and martyrs a joke.

The blocking of this site is based on a video that was first uploaded on Baozou in 2014 and recently circulated again on Jinri Toutiao news gathering site.

The video shows someone using a "rage face" mask mocking Dong Cunrui, a communist soldier who blew himself up to destroy the Nationalist Party bunker during the Chinese Civil War.

The Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the main Internet regulator in China, stated that they have called on several Internet platform executives to apply strict cyberspace regulations.

This statement was followed by Weibo, China's largest social media, by closing 16 accounts, including Baozou, for being deemed disrespectful to communist heroes. Blocking Baozou follows several previous incidents involving animation.


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