Donald Trump now asks ZTE to Return back to the US

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The clash between the US government and ZTE ended with ZTE's decision to stop its business. However, the day after ZTE issued the statement, US President Donald Trump even wanted ZTE back to business in his country.

This statement was delivered by Trump via a tweet on Twitter. According to him, he is currently in talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping to find a way for China's mobile phone and telecommunications company to get back to business in the US as soon as possible.

"Chinese President Xi and I are working together to make way for ZTE's massive company to go back into business as soon as possible. A lot of work is lost in China. The Department of Commerce has been given instructions to complete," Trump tweeted.

This Trump tweet seems confusing and fickle. The reason, before the US government, often attack ZTE with various restrictions.
The prohibition against ZTE does have an enormous impact, as they are prohibited from buying components from US companies, in this case, is Qualcomm. In fact, ZTE phones mostly use the processor from Qualcomm.

Likely ZTE will also lose its Android license from Google. So even if they buy processors from other companies such as MediaTek or Samsung, they also still can not use the Android OS on their homemade phones.

ZTE itself is one of the largest companies in China. The company has more than 80,000 employees. Therefore, in Trump's tweet includes that many are potentially losing their jobs due to the outcome of the ban.


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