EA releases Battlefield V teaser ahead of its release

Battlefield V
Battlefield fans are just waiting for the day to immediately find out the appearance of Battlefield V, which will be released to the public on May 23, 2018, later.

EA knows how great a curious gamer is, so a few hours ago they released a Battlefield V teaser via their official Twitter account. Unfortunately, the video footage is a few seconds' duration.

In a teaser video devoted to Microsoft Xbox and a duration of just 19 seconds, it shows a figure wearing goggles, in his head and sending a figure from a first-person perspective to silence by pressing his finger toward his lips.

From the audio presented sounded like there was a silent figure and trying to scream. Most likely the figure of the first person was actually silenced by the male characters who use goggles. The background audio sounded clearly like the sound of a battlefield with a cannon boom.

Quoted from a variety of sources two flags logo that became indicator scores in the game listed on the video to be a definite answer that Battlefield V took the background of World War II because it uses the flag of the country flag of the faction or pivot who participated in one of the most historic moments in the world .

The video lasted only a few seconds, then spliced a poster public reveal Battlefield V which will be done on May 23, 2018, later, and can be watched by streaming via YouTube and Twitch.


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