Entry and online business model of the online advertising industry is threatened by GDPR

A regulation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has started to be implemented in Europe on Friday afternoon.

The rules contained in the GDPR are a very pro on the data of the people and force the companies that open businesses in Europe to follow the rules.

Regarding this, it turns out the companies who seek profit through advertising to be restless, so Google should set the strategy to calm them.

In a private broadcast, Google in New York has talked to the advertising company, saying Google will release a tool to help advertisers in June and August.

One of the parties presents appreciated the Google dialogue. According to him, there is no comprehensive guidance provided to follow GDPR.

"Today's productive meetings with many publishers around the table, Question and Answer sessions are highly qualified and positive momentum, highlighting the challenges of following the laws when there are very few guidelines," tweet Dave Grimaldi, Executive Vice President, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Twitter account.

Advertising companies deserve to be anxious because GDPR will closely monitor the parties tracking users' online activities, whether for shopping or banking reasons.

The worst possibility for Google and advertisers is that when users refuse to share their personal data, advertising revenue may decrease.

Companies in Europe are also looking for help to consultants, business partners, and regulators to adjust to GDPR.

If any company violates GDPR, one of the penalties is a fine of four percent of the company's profits.


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