Essential is still updating the software and security for PH-1 phones

PH-1 phones
Amid doubts about the release of the second generation of Essential Phone, Essential Products, the smartphone company will continue to bring regular security updates for the next few years.

Essential Product recently confirmed that its first smartphone will receive a major Android operating system update for two years and three security patches over the next three years.

Since its launch on the market in August, Essential Phone is expected to receive the Android P operating system update as the software it will receive. However, security updates will continue to be released Essential until August 2019.

The announcement is not surprising, even if Essential Products plans to cancel the launch of its latest smartphone.

Essential Products is known to the public as a company that is quite frequent in releasing software updates.

Unfortunately, the success of Essential Phone is not as expected by the company from the United States.

Nevertheless, Essential Products' commitment to continue to release its support over the next few years is welcomed by users of its devices.

Meanwhile, the email leaked Essential Products CEO Andy Rubin told employees that the company's executives, including himself, would not close the company.

Rubin also said that Essential would discuss with banks to help with its financial problems, but called the company a chance to sell as part of a financial deal.


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