Evan Spiegel feels no problem Facebook mimics Snapchat feature

2018 Code Conference
Facebook is often caught cheating features owned Snapchat. Although not claiming to cheat, the Snapchat feature is now present on Instagram which incidentally already belonged to Facebook.

The surprising thing came out of the statement of CEO Snapchat Evan Spiegel related to it. In the annual event of Code Conference Recode recently, Spiegel admitted himself was not a matter of service feature imitated Facebook.

In fact, he admitted flattered because Facebook mimics the features that exist in the service. Furthermore, he said, although Facebook imitates the popular features that exist in its platform, does not mean the company led by Mark Zuckerberg was superior.

"Snapchat is not just a feature, it has a philosophical basis against traditional social media," he said.

Here's the full explanation:

He also mentioned a kind of Snapchat service that makes traditional social media feel threatened. Spiegel says, basically someone is not happy to compete with his friends to get 'Likes' and attention. That, he says, is not so pleasant and nice.

Therefore, Snapchat chooses not to have such a 'Likes' feature. Evan Spiegel also claimed Snapchat initially pushed as a communication platform rather than simply sharing platforms with the crowd.

This value, according to Spiegel, is different from the format that Facebook has as a social media. This is also what makes Snap can still survive, although Facebook can imitate features owned services.

"Basically, it's very difficult for them to change their DNA, which is to get people to compete with other people online to get attention, our values are very difficult to imitate," Evan Spiegel said.


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