Facebook currently suspends about 200 applications for investigation of data misuse issues

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Facebook has now suspended about 200 apps under investigation into apps that have access to large amounts of user data that may have misused Facebook user data.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced on March 21 that the company will take new steps so that users can eliminate their concerns in privacy issues with the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In an earlier announcement, in 2014 Facebook focused on apps and earlier, but Zuckerberg will explicitly investigate all applications that have access to data information before it limits data access that year.

"The investigation will be able to involve Facebook conducting interviews with developers and inquiring about accessible applications and data, along with audits" that may include on-site inspection, "says Ime Archibong, VP VP of product partnerships.

What Facebook will do is find all apps that may have misused Facebook user data and it will take time, "Archibong said.

Since the audit began almost two months ago, Facebook has investigated thousands of applications, of which about 200 have been suspended by the service.

The good news is, if Facebook finds that many apps have misused access to user data information, it will immediately block them, and notify users through this page.

By suspending some 200 applications pending further investigation whether they are misusing the data or not, it can be seen that Facebook is responding positively to the incident regarding Cambridge Analytica and is very concerned about the privacy of its user data.


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