FBI recommends that users reset the router to prevent Russian Malware

The FBI advises small business owners or home-based businesses to reboot on routers used to connect devices such as phones, tablets and other devices to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

This suggestion was submitted by the FBI on the basis of actions categorized as "foreign cyber actors", capable of infiltrating into small and personal business routers. Last week, the US Department of Justice mentioned that hundreds of routers have been infected with malware from the Sofacy Group.

The Sofacy Group is a Russian intelligence team called the American and European intelligence agencies responsible for hacking on the network of the Democratic National Committee before the 2016 presidential election.

The analysis released by Cisco's Talos threat intelligence team reported that 500 thousand routers in at least 54 countries have been infected with this malware, known to the public as VPNFilter. Talos calls the malware a very serious threat.

This malware reported Talos has a destructive capability that can cause infected devices unusable and is triggered on individual victim machines or in bulk.

In addition, this malware also potentially disconnect the internet connection from hundreds of thousands of victims around the world.

The FBI says that the server reboot process will temporarily disable the embedded malware in the device. The law enforcement agency also recommends users to install the new firmware and choose a new security password.


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