Fortnite will be coming soon on Android this summer

Fortnite Battle Royale
Epic Games has already mentioned that Fortnite Battle Royale will be available on mobile devices, and now iOS can enjoy the game. and for Android when?

In a posting on Epic Games website, they mentioned that Fortnite will be present on Android this summer.

"Fornite will come to Android! We are targeting (releases) on Android this summer. We know a lot of you are already waiting for this release, and we promise you when there is information to share, you will hear from us," Epic wrote Games.

Unfortunately, despite their promise of release in the summer, they have not given a specific date for its release. But at least this is better than before, where there is no information at all.

The experience of playing Fortnite on Android is called to be similar to on iOS. But in the Epic Games post, they claim to be doing a number of changes and improvements in this game, so Fortnite Android version is probably a version that has undergone changes.

For information, Fortnite on iOS has now earned $ 25 million. Will Android later be more than that? We have to wait until Epic Games releases the game on Android.


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