Google add 16 new languages for Gboard

Google Gboard
Google has just released a new version of Gboard for Android devices. The update brings support for new languages, but the new app comes with a host of new features and fixes.

Google added support for 16 new languages, namely Ahirani, Bahamianese, Kannauji, Fijian, Gagauz, Halbi, Karakalpak, Kanuri, Komi, Moksha, Pangasinan, Sango, Veps, Võro, Wagdi, Zeeuws.

In addition, Gboard has also supported with capabilities that allow users to create GIFs using camera phones.

Afterward, users can share their GIF with their work directly with friends. In addition, this update also adds a sticker gallery containing over 500 new stickers.
 Users of the beta version of the Gboard app will notice changes to the US English keyboard, with automatic spaces added after punctuation.

Previously, the Google Duo v34 update introduced the long-awaited screen sharing feature of the users.

With this update, users can offer technical support to parents and colleagues. To start sharing the screen, users only need to tap the screen during Duo phone calls and select a new screen to share the icon.

Meanwhile, Google Assistant is also reported to be supported by the ability to alert the recipients of phone calls to certain jurisdictions that the call is being recorded.

In addition, Google announced that any Google account will still be able to enjoy the 15GB free cloud storage space.

Google also officially presents a new gesture that allows Pixel Buds owners to control earphones. This new gesture is claimed to be useful for Pixel Buds users and Pixel smartphones or Android smartphones with Google Assistant support.


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