Google announced the availability of a new gesture to control Pixel Buds

Pixel Buds
Google officially presents a new gesture that allows Pixel Buds owners to control their earphones. This new gesture is claimed to be useful for Pixel Buds users and Pixel smartphones or Android smartphones with Google Assistant support.

This gesture allows users to play favorite playlists, make phone calls, send messages or get directions to the destination location, just by tapping the right earbud Pixel Buds.

In addition, Pixel Buds allows users to control the audio volume by rubbing it forward or backward, as well as tapping the bud to play or pause music played by Pixel Buds users.

Pixel Buds owners have been able to take advantage of these two new gestures starting May 15, USA time. The first gesture allows the user to manually enable or disable Pixel Buds, by tapping the right bud three times.

While the second gesture allows users to skip the next song by tapping the right bud twice. However, users can only take advantage of this specific gesture to listen to notifications.

Users can now specify the Pixel Buds settings as desired from the settings menu in the Google Assistant app on the phone.

Basically, the user can choose the action to be performed by a double tap, such as playing a notification or passing the next song.

Along with this new gesture, Google has also introduced an easier way to replace connectivity between the phone and the computer with Pixel Buds, simply by selecting the earphones from the Bluetooth menu of the desired device.
As such, Pixel Buds will no longer connect to the previous device and connect with new devices.


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