Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, which one is more sophisticated?

Google Home vs Amazon Echo
Living with the help of virtual assistants at home like a science fiction movie can now be realized through the presence of Amazon Echo and Google Home. Virtual assistant devices such as speakers and microphones to detect our voice even at long distances are guaranteed to make our lives much easier.

These two phenomenal products make it easy to control home conditions, find information, organize schedules, play music, even suggest something for us via voice commands.

The virtual assistant feature embedded in Amazon and Google's products is complemented by an artificial intelligence system specially designed to connect with electronic devices in your home. Want to know what are the advantages offered by these two smart speakers?

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo which the first release in 2014 has 3,000 expertise. Starting from turning on lights to ordering books via Amazon. Features embedded in this device can also understand simple commands or simple command sequences with keywords Alexa, Echo, or Amazon. When using Echo, we also automatically connect with all the facilities available on the Amazon site.

Echo can be used to shop online only with verbal commands from us. Echo home base which is a great e-commerce, namely Amazon, makes its users can shop more easily. In addition, Amazon Echo smart speaker products are considered superior because the developer company has done a lot of cooperation with other companies so as to improve the ability of smart speakers to accommodate the needs of users.

As the king of search engine information, Google is not left behind to equip its smart speakers with various advantages. Google Home is claimed to provide more accurate data when responding to user questions through its analysis.

Google Home

This sophisticated gadget that was released in 2016 will get us connected directly to Google accounts and other Google services, like Youtube and PlayStore. Supported by Google Assistant devices, the ability of Google Home is also not inferior to Amazon Echo. To enable it, the user simply says 'Ok Google' before giving the command. This machine can accept orders even if expressed in natural conversation sentences should be conversing with humans.

Many consider the previously released Amazon Echo to have higher capabilities than Google Home. While Google Home is considered as a product that is able to cover the shortage of Amazon Echo. If you think, which one is better?


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