Google releases the Wear OS phone app with the Quick Replies option

Wear OS By Google
Google recently released the latest Wear OS Phone app, aimed at smartwatch smartphone owners of the Wear OS version that has been using the latest version of the operating system Wear OS.

With the Wear OS Phone app, users will be able to make phone calls from smartwatches. Google also presents a number of other interesting features, for example, Quick Replies allows app users to respond to phone calls via SMS.

This function is considered useful when the user does not have time to receive the phone call. Not only that, the Wear OS Phone app is supported with Streamlined Outgoing Calls, it's called providing users with a smooth, seamless call experience.

However, this application requires the device to use wearable operating system Wear OS 8.0.0 and later to work.

Previously, Google reportedly is developing smart Android applications based on artificial intelligence technology (AI) and computer vision. An application called Lookout is intended to help the blind people to understand the environmental conditions around them.

The help is presented in the camera device as well as AI technology support and computer vision that is able to recognize objects around the user. In addition, the app is also capable of notifying users of their location of existence via voice prompts.


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