Google sued grab millions of sensitive data iPhone users

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Google reportedly collected millions of iPhone users' sensitive data in the UK illegally. Reportedly, there are about 4.4 million iPhone user data taken. Millions of iPhone user data are taken to be shared with advertisers.

As a result, the technology giant based in Mountain View, United States (US) issued on the basis of security intervention iPhone device, from August 2011 to February 2012.

The litigation was taken directly by the campaign group "Google You Owe Us" who wanted to unload the data collection efforts. The group plaintiff's mouthpiece is in the director, Richard Lloyd.

In a first court hearing in London on Monday, Lloyd's lawyers revealed the information Google collected from iPhone users divided into classes, ranging from race and ethnicity, physical and mental health, political opinion, sexual orientation, to social class.

In fact, the data is also divided into several personal conditions, ranging from financial conditions, online shopping habits, and the most sensitive is the geographic location where the user accesses Google services.

Hugh Tomlinson, a spokeswoman for Lloyd, said the information accessible to users turned out to be the data Google took to find out their habits.

Later, the data captured will be processed and sent to the advertiser so that they can target the ads according to the user.


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