HMD prepare 2 latest Nokia X phones

Completing the Nokia product line, HMD Global had released the Nokia X6 which is now still available exclusively in China. The latest rumor also mentions if HMD set up another model of Nokia X, namely Nokia X5 and Nokia X7.

Reportedly, both Nokia X5 and Nokia X7 will be released for global. This is given that the possibility of Nokia X6 will not slide into the global market.

Many suspects if the launch of Nokia X6 in China is part of the HMD strategy. Where after China, the product will be issued to the global.

However, recent reports claim that the first HMD phones using this notch will remain in China. Rather than releasing the Nokia X6 to the global market, HMD instead issued the Nokia X5 and Nokia X7.

Nokia X5 should be a smartphone with lower specifications than Nokia X6. While Nokia X7 has the highest specification between the two products earlier.

HMD itself is scheduled to hold an event on May 29 in Russia. There we may be able to find out more information about Nokia X5 and Nokia X7.


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