Huawei working with BOE Technology to develop Foldable Smartphone

Huawei logo
The race to create smartphones with flexible screen or foldable phone increasingly heated up. Huawei as one of the companies that plunge into the race is called already partnering with companies from China.

The company is called BOE Technology. BOE Technology itself is the first company in China that specializes in a flat panel.

The company is said to have started the production period for flexible screens since 2017. BOE Technology itself is said to be producing an 8-inch flexible OLED panel that Huawei will use for foldable smartphones.

And besides Huawei, BOE Technology also received the order to develop four foldable panel prototypes for two different smartphone vendors. Unfortunately not mentioned what his name.

With orders from various vendors, BOE Technology clearly will be preoccupied with the supply of panel making materials. I wonder if BOE Technology will be able to fulfill the demand or not.

In addition to competition among Chinese smartphone companies, Samsung also helped enliven the foldable smartphone race. The plan smartphone design Galaxy X name will be released in early 2019.


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