Instagram sets up a social media addiction detection feature

Instagram mobile
The duration of social media access too long began to be a serious concern for some manufacturers. Instagram so one that is known to be developing features to detect the level of user addiction to its application. The feature called 'Usage Insight' will show you how long users have spent accessing Instagram.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom co
nfirmed if the feature is currently on trial and requires minor repairs before it is officially launched.

"We are developing a feature that can help Instagram users to find out how much time is spent accessing this app," Kevin wrote through his tweet.

In addition to monitoring how long it took to access Instagram, Kevin expressed his hope that users can limit themselves to using social media and spend more time to interact with the outside world.

The appearance of this feature was first revealed by a computer expert, Jane Manchun Wong. He reveals the programming language about the appearance of time restrictions feature access Instagram.

Not only Instagram, access restrictions feature has been introduced by Google for Android users. Through the dashboard on the phone, users can monitor how much time they spend to access each application.


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