Intel Shows Xeon Scalable Gold 6138P with CPU and FPGA chips that can be programmed at once

Intel Xeon Scalable processor with integrated FPGA
Intel has announced a new and special version of the Scalable Xeon processor, fitted with an internal FPGA chip that accompanies the dead CPU. The Xeon Scalable 6138P is currently supplied by Intel to selected customers. It includes an ARGA 10 GX 1150 FPGA chip and is proposed for special use in data centers.

Both components are connected to each other through Intel's Ultra Path Interconnection technology, thanks to which CPU and FPGA chips can access the data contained in system memory and in the FPGA cache chip without data replication or overhead access to memory.

The Arria 10 GX 1150 chip is completely programmable and integrates 1.15 million logical elements internally, customizable according to the type of usage demanded by the user.

Intel did not specify the CPU components coupled to the FPGA but conceivably could be a mirror image pattern of the Gold Xeon 6138P, with 20 internal cores with a base clock frequency of 2 GHz and Turbo frequencies lasting up to 3.7 GHz.

Additional information, Fujitsu is one of the first Intel partners to adopt the Xeon Scalable 6138P solution in its own system. The company plans to combine these CPUs with their RAS solution in terms of usage in a specified software network system.


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