Jeff Bezos the world's richest man wants to make a factory on the moon

Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, seems to be more confident to develop a colony on the Moon. Bezos wants his heritage company, Blue Origin, to work with NASA and ESA to realize this dream.

But Bezos acknowledges that if such cooperation efforts are not met, Blue Origin can do the project on its own.

Speaking at the Space Development conference in Los Angeles, Bezos explains his idea of making the Moon a center of heavy industry. This step is expected to preserve the natural resources on Earth.

"In the not too distant future I speak in decades or 100 years it will be easier to do the many things we do on Earth in space because we will have a lot of energy," Bezos explained.
"We're going to leave the planet and that will make the planet much better," he added.

There are many resources that support the construction of a moon's manufacturing center, such as sunshine all day long, water hidden beneath the surface and regoliths that can be used to build. However, Earth will still provide resources and minerals that are not available on the Moon.

Bezos himself has proposed a partnership between Blue Origin and NASA to build a moon lander that will test the possibility of making the Moon a residence and manufacturing center.
Moon lander will be able to send a load of 5 tons to the surface of the Moon. This charge seems to have been more than enough to start a development project on the Moon.


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