Microsoft introduced its new AI Bot and is quite popular in China

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In an event that took place in London, Microsoft introduced Xiaoice, the AI bot of his work that was undergoing the testing process in China. Xiaoice is quite popular in China, as evidenced by the number of friends reaching 500 million people.

Xiaoice's friends communicate with this AI bot via 16 channels on instant messaging services operating in China, including WeChat. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella calls Xiaoice a television show, writing poetry, and has become a celebrity one in the world's largest country.

Most of the Xiaoice and community interactions happen via text messages, but Microsoft also revealed that this AI bot can also make phone calls. Unlike the Google Duplex that arranges appointments and orders for others, Xiaoice is able to have phone conversations with someone.

Nadella mentions that Xiaoice will be able to chat with users on WeChat and stop to call users, and the conversation can continue via phone. To date, this AI bot has participated in over a million phone calls.

A test presented by Microsoft shows that similar to Google Duplex, Xiaoice uses phrases like "Hmm" and "Mmm" to make the bot delivered conversations sound more natural and similar to humans.

Microsoft is also still planning to bring Xiaoice only in China for the time being. However, this AI bot is expected to be available soon in other countries of the world, although no official information has been made regarding its availability.


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