Microsoft mentioned the AI technology will have a big role in the face of various cyber attacks

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The potential economic losses caused by cyber attacks in Indonesia could reach the US $ 34.2 billion, according to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan.

Although only 19 percent of study respondents see security investments as differentiating their business, 84 percent of respondents have begun to consider using artificial intelligence (AI) as a defense against cyber attacks.

Considering AI cost is not small, the question arises anyone who can use the technology.

"Cloud makes AI technology accessible to all companies, whether small companies or large," said Tony Seno Hartono, National Technology Officer of Microsoft Indonesia.

The man with Tony's call then explains how AI can help businesspeople in protecting their systems from cyber threats.

"All Microsoft products, whether for laptops, smartphones or the cloud, have sensors. When users experience problems or face cyberattack when using the product, then the associated log of the attack will be sent to Microsoft," he said.

"This log contains no user personal data," Tony said soothing concerns over privacy issues. "The data sent has been made anonymous. The contents of the log are just information such as the type of attack, the time of the attack, what impact the attack on the CPU, memory, and applications."

Tony says Microsoft receives millions of "alarms" every day. This data is then analyzed to find out about cyber attacks.

Once Microsoft finds a way to resolve the issue, then they will send prevention related information on its products used by the user.

"But, if the attack is too sophisticated, then the information will be sent to the malware hunter," said Tony. He mentioned Microsoft has 3,500 people who served as "malware hunter" around the world.

"From there, we can know whether there is an ongoing cyber-espionage activity, whether an attack is sponsored by one country to attack another country and so on."


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